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AAR provides access for Brokers and Designated Realtors to the AAR Legal Hotline which gives legal opinions and examples written by AAR Attorneys and others. Log on to AAR and click on the header “Manage Risk”. Scroll down to “Legal Hotline” and click.
The main body of this page offers a headline that says “GET LEGAL HOTLINE ACCESS TODAY”. Brokers can click on “Sign-up for Legal Hotline Access”. They will be directed to a 6 page document explaining the Process, Purpose, Program Operation, Do’s and Don’ts, Permissible Topics and an Application Form to fill out and submit. Realtors, get your Brokers to sign up and use this incredible resource!

Back to the main page, below the link to sign up is a section called Legal Hotline Q&A, with 22 options to select from including Contracts, Listings, Escrow/Title, HOA/CCR’s, Property Management, Advertising, etc. Lots of information here that any Realtor can use.

On the right side of the Legal Hotline page is a Quick Links section. You can select from any number of topics including Forms, Articles & Resources, Legal Hotline, Scams & Frauds, For Sale Sign Law, Realtor Safety and much more.

Beneath this column is the box “Find a Realtor” which is a quick locator by name and location without having to log on to FLEX or ADRE. Below that is a link to the “AAR Calendar”. Here you can find scheduled CE classes including LIVE Streaming, Webinars and Local classes through the end of 2016.

I spent hours just surfing around the various topics. What a great resource without having to pay for legal advice! Now you can have specific answers, not have to sit down with your Broker, and be confident you have accurate legal information.

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By: Wayne & Kathy Gardner,